Clinic Questions

Questions about Clinics and Lessons 

  • How many people can ride in a clinic? He only takes 12 riders. The cost to ride in a clinic is $500.00 per rider. 
  • Is no limit to the watch & learns? No, there is not. The cost is $150.00 to watch and learn 
  • If I sign my child up do I have to pay? No, Parents and drivers do not pay to come to the clinic.
  • If I have to have someone drive me do they have to pay? No, If your husband or wife needs to drive you they do not have to pay. 
  • Do you get one on one time with Ron? Yes, Lots 
  • Does he do group drills? No, his clinics are one on one.
  • Do I have to have a finish barrel horse for the clinic? No
  • Can I take a young horse? Yes, it's up to you. 
  • Can kids can ride in Ron's clinics? Yes, Ron is amazing with kids. 
  • Does Ron take all levels of barrel racers? Yes, because you work one on one with Ron.
  • Can I pay over the phone? No, all payments and sign ups have to be on the website.
  • When is the final payment do if I only pay a deposit? The final payment is due 12 days before the clinic.

How do you get Ron or book A clinic at your arena or in your town?

We do clinics two ways you can host a clinic or we can host it in your  area.

You Fully Host a Clinic~

  • You pay Ron's day fee and travel expense fee, the arena fee, insurance and any others cost. You will be in charge of all collection of payments and sign ups. We will provide you with a clinic flyer and help promote. 

We CO-Book the Clinic~

  • If we Co-Book the clinic we just need some direction on what arena to call to book and for you to see if you have 12 people that would want to sign up. We handle booking the of the arena, insurance, promotions, flyers and payments. (Must help get the clinic booked)

More info to know how to Co-Book A clinic! 

  • Made a post or phone calls to see if you have 12 to 15 people waiting to attend a Ron Ralls Clinic.
  • Pick a date with Lorinda Van Newkirk.
  • Must have a covered or indoor arena for the clinic.
  • Must have use of tractor for the day to drag arena 3 to 5 times.
  • Arena fee has to be under $500.00 or less
  • Must have bathrooms.
  • Need to know if they have a PA and a wireless mic. If they do not Ron will bring his own mic and PA system.
  • Must have at least 10 riders out of the 12 or the clinic will be canceled.
  • All Ron Ralls clinics are 1 day. Check in is at 7:30 am and the clinic ends at 5pm.
  • After date and arena are confirmed a flyer will be made and link posted on the Ron Ralls website to sign up and pay.
  • If you help book the clinic in your town, call the arena for dates, and help promote the clinic you will be able to attend the clinic at half price for helping. (Help get the word out and clinic filled).