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EP 19: Ron & Patty Ralls | Importance of the Foundation

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Find the Right Barrel Racing Approach

When your barrel horse has problems, it usually means you, as a rider, have problems. When your barrel horse goes too far past a barrel, be it the first barrel or the second, it shows me that one of two things can be going wrong—a rider error or a problem with the horse’s body position. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to correct both of these problems.

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Teaching horses to walk in perfect circles with little assistance from my hands is a big part of my whole program—and not just for barrel racers. Many riders I work with, when I ask them to direct their horse into a circle, run into problems. The rider may have trouble asking correctly, or the horse doesn’t know how to walk a circle on its own.

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Western Horseman & Ron Ralls

If there was only one drill that Ron Ralls could use on his cow horses, or even on some of the barrel racing horses he has worked with, it would be walking a perfect circle. The exercise, when executed properly, builds strength, creates suppleness, and helps the horse become more precise with its footwork.

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